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I sourced that beautiful djellaba on a vintage market in Marrakech, Morocco.

All over Morocco, men still use these thick djellabas nowadays (old men, young men) as windbreakers when the cold season comes. It is definitely some overcoat you would not wear directly to your skin as this heavy, rustic wool can be a little itchy. Then, it is one perfect clothing to keep yourself warm!

This djellaba is made of sheep wool 100%.

Main color is a light brown, with gray silk embroideries. Large hood. 2 pockets that are actually just openings. Originally made for men, I personally think it can be worn by everyone!

Size from wrist to wrist is 145cm / 57inches
Sleeves are 42cm / 16cm long
Size from armpit to armpit is 70cm / 27inches
Size from the neck to the base is 117cm / 46inches
The djellaba is 74cm / 29inches wide at its largest (the base)

I used myself as a model (!) for the pictures attached to the listing and I am 175cm / 5.7feet tall. I am quite thin so the djellaba looks a little large on me. Feel free to let me know if you need any extra info about the size, I will be happy to help!

There is only one available.

If you purchase this item, you will receive it all clean! The djellaba has been dry cleaned twice and is kept in a plastic bag the time we find its new owner!

This item is real vintage, meaning that it's used already. It will come with light signs of wear. That said, it's in beautiful condition as you can see on the pictures attached.

This item will be shipped with DHL, for a fast and safe delivery.

Customers are responsible for any extra taxes or customs fees charged by their local government. Customers in the US won't have to pay for additional custom taxes, as there is a free trade agreement between the US and Morocco on crafts.

Customers in other countries may have to pay for extra import taxes. Feel free to reach me if you need more info!