Boujad 6.6x13.1feet / 200x400cm

A true gem! Two dates are embroidered on that rug : 1381 and 1961, which are actually the same year in both islamic calendar and gregorian calendar. I can't tell you what this date means but for sure you have here a rug with a story!

Then you can also spot teapots, flowers, stars and birds on that beautiful rug! Love the long pink tassels on each corner!


- Mostly prune color with light green, orange, neon pink and black designs

- Wool 100%

- One longer pink tassel at each corner

- Approximate dimensions : 6.6x13.1feet / 200x400cm


This item is vintage, meaning that it's been made first for private use, not directly for the market. It will come with signs of wear, which make it unique and charming. It's in very good condition though, so bright, as you can see on the detailed pictures attached.