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Boujad 5.3x10.6feet / 163x323cm

Boujad 5.3x10.6feet / 163x323cm

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I selected that one from piles of carpets because I think that it's a unique piece with a great composition: busy yet precise abstract designs all over it and traditional diamonds pattern in its middle make it a real piece of art!

Main color is a bright red with black, green, orange, cream designs.

A date is woven into the pile but it's hard to read: 1993? 1999? In both case it means that this rug would be more than 20 years old!

- Wool on a cotton base 

- Approximate dimensions: 5.3x10.6feet (+4inches tassels) / 163x323cm (+10cm tassels)

Please note that this item is real vintage, meaning that it's been made first for a private use, not directly for the market ; it will come with signs of wear. That said, it's in beautiful vintage condition!

Pictures were taken in my bright and all white studio in Marrakech, using outside light coming from large windows aside (no use of extra artificial light). Colors are accurate. Please take time to check all detailed pictures.

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