Boujad 5.2x7.3feet / 160x223cm

A lovely, artistic, a little rustic vintage Boujad rug. Has so much character! 4 hands are hidden (woven) in the rug, amongst classical diamonds and floral designs.

- Colors over the rug are mostly earth tones, with a touch of peachy pink, and beige, brown, purple designs.

- Wool on a cotton base

- Approximate dimensions : 5.2x7.3feet / 160x223cm
Due to the handmade weaving, the top part of the rug is slightly tighter (something like 4inches/10cm tighter).


This item is vintage, meaning that it's been made first for private use, not directly for the market. It has been fixed on a few parts -see close-up shots where fixes are highlighted-, there are some worn spots in pile, and I would not recommend to place it in a high traffic area. That said, it is in good condition!

Pictures were taken in my bright and all white studio in Marrakech, using outside light coming from large windows aside (no use of extra artificial light). Colors are accurate. Please take time to check all detailed pictures