Beni Ourain 5.7x7.8feet / 175x237cm

I have always loved a neutral, vintage Beni Ourain rug with diamonds pattern! This one has a great texture and the loveliest designs in subtle colors all over it (touches of red, olive green, faded purple...). Background is a beige with brownish to black lines. Great quality!

The rug is a comfortable and soft, wool 100%, medium pile.

Approximate dimensions are 5.7x7.8feet (+2inches tassels) / 175x237cm (+5cm tassels).
The rug has been shortened, probably because of severe damages on one ending. It will come with a brand new border on one ending and tiny tassels on the opposit one.

Please note that this rug is real vintage, meaning that it has been made first for a private use, not directly for the market. It will come with light signs of age. That said it has been nicely fixed and is now in beautiful condition as you can see on the pictures attached + it will come to you all clean!

Pictures were taken in my bright and all white studio in Marrakech. They have been edited but colors are accurate. Please take time to check all detailed pictures, so you can see the texture and beautiful colors on this rug!

This item will be shipped with DHL, for a fast and safe delivery.