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Akhnif 2.2x3.7feet / 67x115cm

I sourced this lovely Akhnif rug in a tiny berber village near Taznakht, Morocco. I have always loved that sign in berber moroccan rugs which looks like a small wave or a moon and which is the eye symbol to protect from evil... and this one is full with those! It is a sign that is typical of the Akhnif rugs and textiles.

The rug is mostly a dark borwn to black, from the undyed goat hair that was used to make it, shows warm colors like soft reds, sage green and yellow, and is textured with black and white Zanafi embroideries.

This rug is made of goat hair+wool on a cotton base.

Approximate dimensions are 2.2x3.7feet / 67x115cm (+tassels).
The size of the rug makes it a versatile rug you can put on a bedside or hang on the wall.

This rug is newly-made, meaning that it will come to you all clean and in excellent condition! As it is handmade, it may show some irregularities but it really is in a great shape!

Pictures were taken in my bright and all white studio in Marrakech. They have been edited but colors are accurate. Please take time to check all detailed pictures, so you can see the great work on this rug!

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