Rhamna 5.9x12.4feet / 180x380cm

- I would call the main color "rust", which becomes a little more redish on the top part of the rug. Some very faded diamonds designs appears all over it if you pay attention (obvious from the back of the rug - see picture attached).
There is also something "written" (woven) in the rug, that neither myself or my arabic speaking friends can't read unfortunately. Is it a name? A tribute to God/Allah? I guess the rug will keep a part of its mystery. But for sure you have here a carpet with a story!

- Wool 100%

- Approximate dimensions : 5.9x12.4feet / 180x380cm
Due to the handmade weaving, the rug can be slightly larger on some parts (2inches/5cm more or less).


This item is vintage, meaning that it's been made first for private use, not directly for the market. It may come with some signs of light wear. That said, it's in excellent condition! Please take time to check all detailed pictures.