Boucherouite 4.4-5x5.2feet / 135-155x160cm

I picked that one from piles of carpets because I think that it's a unique piece -I mean, obviously!- with a great composition and just the perfect mix of colors!

I got this rug from the market in Marrakech but I would give a lot to know what inspired the lady weaver who made this real piece of art!

Would look great hung on a wall if you ask me, but also suits to high traffic areas (in the entryway, kitchen, kids room) as it can be cleaned into the washing machine.


- Cotton 100%, made from cotton threads knotted on a cotton base, just like the boucherouite technique.

- Approximate dimensions: 4.4-5x5.2feet / 135-155x160cm
Due to the handmade weaving technique, the rug is not perfectly rectangle, is wider to the endings and tightened in its middle part (a little like a hourglass). Hope that it is clear on the pictures attached.


This rug is vintage, meaning that it's been made first for a private use, not directly for the market. It will come with light signs of wear. That said, it's in great condition! Last pictures attached are shots of the back of the rug, so you can see the beautiful work done here.

Pictures were taken in my bright and all white studio in Marrakech, using outside light coming from large windows aside (no use of extra artificial light). Colors are accurate. Please take time to check all detailed pictures.