Morocco earthquake. Help a local organization!

Morocco earthquake. Help a local organization!

After the terrible earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, we were not that active on social media as we did not want to cover every little step of the way we partook in the helping process. But we are glad to witness the massive solidarity.

After a short break, we think that we should get back at what we usually do, which is selling beautiful moroccan rugs online. This is another way to keep helping the people providing us with these beautiful products, as many of them have lost everything.

If you want to help, but you are not in the need of a rug, you can help a local organization.

We have chosen to share the fundraising of the Amal association, which usually works to provide a safe and loving space where women can rewrite their narratives and step into their power.

They do a great job! You can have a look on what they do on their instagram:

Feel free to visit their website:
And if you go through Marrakech, go have lunch in their restaurant!

Here is the link to their relief fund :

Thank you again for all the friendly messages, and please, if you were planning to visit Marrakech, do not cancel your trip! 🙏🙏

Shkoon Team

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