A journey through Morocco and its extraordinary diversity of rugs... (Part two)

A journey through Morocco and its extraordinary diversity of rugs... (Part two)

From Azilal to Zindekh… (Part two)

Let’s continue our tour to discover the different types of handmade carpets that we can find throughout Morocco.

Here is the second part of our non-exhaustive and alphabetical list of our favorite Moroccan rug types.


The Talsint tribe is a Berber tribal group residing in eastern Morocco. Known for their distinctive culture and traditional way of life, the Talsint tribe has historically been involved in activities such as farming, herding, and weaving. They are renowned for their production of Talsint rugs, which feature intricate geometric designs and vibrant colors. These rugs are not only a source of income for the tribe but also represent an essential part of their cultural heritage. Talsint tribe members are known for their strong sense of community and preservation of Berber traditions.

Talsint rug shkoon shopTalsint rug shkoon shop

You can have a look to all our Talsint rugs here.


Situated in Morocco's Ouarzazate Province in the southern region, Taznakht is known for its proximity to the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. The town boasts a thriving weaving industry with skilled local artisans using traditional techniques to craft highly esteemed rugs, valued for their artistic and cultural significance. These rugs feature a silky, loose structure, with shiny wool, flat-lying knots, and a mostly yellow base weave.

 Taznkaht rug shkoon shopTaznakht rug shkoon shopTaznkaht rug shkoon shop

 You can have a look to all our Taznakht rugs here.


Zayane rugs originate from the Middle Atlas region around Khénifra. They are characterized by their geometric symmetry and appealing colors, reflecting the attachment of Amazigh women artisans to Moroccan traditions. These rugs, primarily made from pure wool, feature simple motifs, including animals and geometric shapes, with vibrant colors, predominantly a warm red tone, showcasing the creativity and aesthetic sensibility of Berber artisans in representing the history, rituals, and identity of the Middle Atlas.

 Zayane rug shkoon shopZayane rug shkoon shop

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The Zemmours or Aït Zemmour are a Berber confederation consisting of various tribes in the Middle Atlas region (central-western Morocco).
Zemmour rugs are typically characterized by a dominant red hue, with occasional interplay of equally warm shades like orange and yellow, accentuated or subdued in places by white or black points. Blue is rarely found. The composition often favors longitudinal alignments, ranging from distinctly emphasized to merely indicated by lengthwise sequences. This uniqueness extends to the patterns, featuring notched rhombuses reminiscent of those in Beni Mguild and Marmoucha rugs, as well as feathered rhombuses not encountered elsewhere in the Middle Atlas.

 Zemmour moroccan rugZemmour moroccan rug

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Created by women following a ritual passed down from generation to generation, Zindekh rugs are embroidered on rice or flour sacks, using discarded clothing, wool remnants and other threads. These artworks convey, through a coded language of simple designs, significant events in the lives of these women, such as motherhood, marriage, childbirth...
Originally, Zindekh rugs served as functional items, covering the earthen floors of homes to provide a soft surface for babies or as insulation against the cold by stacking them. They were even placed on the husband's donkey. These rugs can also be exchanged among women who lack income, serving as a means of social and cultural expansion and emancipation.

 Zindekh moroccan rugZindekh moroccan rug

 You can have a look to all our Zindekh rugs here.

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